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Medevice3s is an one of the group of companies of Shinheng Corporation from Korea & being set up as a Joint Venture company; manufacturing “Latex Male Condoms” with other investors from Vietnam & Brazil. Plant situated at; Hamlet 5, Chon Thanh town, Binh Phuoc province, Vietnam & spread over 16300 sq meters.


Commissioned in June 2006 with the initial installed capacity of 160 million condoms per annum & later enhanced to 230 Million condoms per annum during the year 2011. The plant & technology used is the most advanced from the Shinheng Corporation, to ensure; minimal wastages, increased overall efficiencies with simplification & robust process which ensures the “best” quality product meeting all the international standards. Shinheng Corporation is being the pioneer in the field of manufacturing of “Latex Male condoms” over more than 20 Yrs & has set up manufacturing plants in many parts of world for various other investors from India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Mexico.


Company has about 150 dedicated workforces with various technocrats & experienced key personnel controlling the production & Quality Assurance activities, round the clock. Company has the Quality accreditations like ISO 9001:2008, BS EN ISO 13485:2003, WHO GMP & the “CE” mark from SGS.

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